Onlookers watching the skies in Teenagers from Outer Space
Frightened onlookers watch the
skies as the aliens attack in
Teenagers from Outer Space.

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The Films of Tom Graeff
A description of Graeff's films in his own words (1964)

Tom Graeff in Toast to our Brother

Toast to Our Brother (1951)
23 mins - color, 16mm

starring Tom Graeff, Judith Ames, Joe E. Brown
written, directed, edited, and
produced by Tom Graeff
photographed by Austin McKinney

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Graeff Fact: Two known prints exist, one in the Legacy Project/UCLA Film and Television Archives, the other in private hands

Chuck Roberts in Ornage Coast College Story

The Orange Coast College Story (1954) - 20 mins - color
starring Chuck Roberts,
Donna Scheining, Glenn Kaminsky
narrated by Vincent Price
directed, produced, shot, and
edited by Tom Graeff

Graeff Facts: Vincent Price was a friend of the faculty advisor and agreed to record the narration as a favor. A major scene at a college dance was later scrapped, apparently for technical reasons, and a scaled-down version was created for the film.

Chuck Roberts in Island SunriseIsland Sunrise (approx. 1954 - 55)

3 minutes - color
starring Chuck Roberts
directed, produced, written, shot,
and edited by Tom Graeff
(as Tom Lockyear)

Graeff Fact:A restored and expanded version of the film was premiered at Outfest 2008 in Los Angeles, marking the first time the film was screened theatrically in Hollywood.

Tom Graeff and Phyllis Yarwood in The Noble ExperimentThe Noble Experiment (1955)
80 mins (?)
(only surviving print is awaiting restoration at UCLA)
starring Tom Graeff, Phyllis Yarwood
written, directed, produced,
and edited by Tom Graeff
Photographed by Austin McKinney

Read Graeff's description of the plot and themes

Graeff Facts:The film was shot with the sound pre-recorded and then lipsynced by the actors on set. A device, invented by cinematographer Austin McKinney, was attached to the camera so the soundtrack could be played as the camera rolled. As a promotional gimmick, Graeff passed out little candy "magic pills" to the audience at the film's premiere in Newport Beach, California.

Not of This Earth (1957)
67 mins - B&W
starring Beverly Garland, Paul Birch, Morgan Jones
assistant to director: Tom Graeff (uncredited)
directed by Roger Corman

Graeff Fact: Besides working as an assistant to Corman, Tom appears briefly in the role of a parking attendant who is pursued and killed by alien Paul Birch. Tom's voice is used in one scene, but dubbed by someone else in the next scene.

Bryan Grant in Teenagers from Outer SpaceTeenagers from Outer Space
(filmed 1956-57, released 1959)
85 mins - B&W
starring David Love (Chuck Roberts), Dawn Anderson, Bryan Grant
written, directed, produced, shot,
and edited by Tom Graeff
Original title: KIllers from Outer Space
Other titles: The Gargon Experiment, The Boy From Out of This World, The Gargon Terror (UK)

Graeff Facts: Tom's final title before selling the film to Warner Brothers was The Boy From Out of This World. 20th Century Fox offered to buy the script for $10,000, but Graeff and his original backers declined the offer and decided to do it themselves.

Watch a reimagined title sequence as it may have appeared on the original print.

Wizard of Mars (1965)
85 mins - color
starring John Carradine, Roger Gentry, Eve Bernhardt
edited by Tom Graeff
directed by David L. Hewitt
Other title: Horrors of the Red Planet

Graeff Fact: Tom's involvement with this film was the last time he worked on a film in Hollywood. The film's cinematrographer, Austin McKinney, a former collegue and UCLA classmate of Graeff's, did not know Tom had worked on the film until years later.

This list is a work-in-progress. There may be other Tom Graeff films and films Graeff worked on that are unknown at this time.

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