Nurse Morse and Joe Rogers in Teenagers from Outer Space
Director Tom Graeff as "Joe Rogers"
and Helen Sage as "Nurse Morse" in
Teenagers from Outer Space

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An Evening of Tom Graeff Films at UCLA May 17

The Outfest Legacy Project and the UCLA Film and Television Archives presents an evening of Tom Graeff's films, including Teenagers from Outer Space, Toast to Our Brother, and Island Sunrise. The program will start at 7 pm on Sunday, May 17, at the Billly Wilder Theater in Los Angeles. More Information

Noble Experiment Print Safely at UCLA

The only known print of Tom's first feature, The Noble Experiment is now safely with the UCLA Film and Television Archives. The Archives plan on restoring it in conjunction with The Legacy Project once funds are available. The print is badly faded and has an unusal format that makes digitzing it a challenge, but the wonders of digital technology should be able to transform it into something close to what was last seen over 40 years ago. Special Thanks to Austin McKinney and Lee Strosnider for loaning the print to UCLA.

Cover Story on Tom Graeff in LA City Beat

You can read the article at the LA City Beat Web site. It's an in-depth look at the author's interest in Graeff. Jim Tushinski, the curator of this Web site, is quoted extensively (if not always 100% accurately).

New Color Still from Noble Experiment Discovered

Tom Graeff's elusive first feature, The Noble Experiment (1955), becomes a little less mysterious on discovery of a previously unknown color still of Graeff and co-star Phllis Yarwood. Please visit the new The Noble Experiment page to see the still and read Tom's description of the plot and themes of the film, which eerily predicts some of his troubles later on.

Island Sunrise Premieres in Los Angeles

A new version of Tom Graeff's short film Island Sunrise will premiere at Outfest 2008 in Los Angeles.

When: Thursday, July 17, 7:30 pm and Friday, July 18 at 9 pm
Where: Regency Fairfax Theatre, 7907 Beverly Blvd., Hollywood, CA

Graeff's film, originally shot around 1954, features his boyfriend Chuck Roberts (aka David Love of Teenagers from Outer Space fame). Jim Tushinski has enhanced the film to include a brief prologue and epilogue as well as adding a brand new soundtrack to replace the one that disintegrated long ago.

Visit CineGraeffia YouTube

Tom Graeff has his own YouTube channel, called CineGraeffia. You'll find two clips from Toast to Our Brother, a recreation of what the original title sequence from Teenagers From Outer Space might have looked like, and intriguing snips from Tom's home movies and practice reels. Enjoy!

Tom's Prints Now at UCLA Film and Television Archives

On Monday, June 11, 2007, we completed transferring Tom's film prints to video and deposited all the 16mm prints at the UCLA Film and Television Archives and the Outfest Legacy Project. The prints include the short film Island Sunrise (featuring Chuck Roberts), Tom's first film Toast to Our Brother, a 16mm print of Teenagers from Outer Space, the original A and B roll for Island Sunrise, and a reel of 16mm B-roll footage shot at Lake Arrowhead for an unknown project.
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