Thor and Nurse Morse in Teenagers from Outer Space
Bryan Grant as "Thor" and
Helen Sage as "Nurse Morse" in
Teenagers from Outer Space

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Look up Tom Graeff on the Internet and you can read a smattering of gossip, inaccurate information, and dismissive remarks. He’s compared to Ed Wood as an example of a “bad” filmmaker. Carl Reiner threatened to sue him for using the actor’s name to pitch a script. The lead actors in Teenagers from Outer Space are all dead or never worked again because the film ruined their careers. Warner Brothers, the studio that released Teenagers in 1959, publicly humiliated Tom for making a “trivial” film beneath his talents. Tom went insane and died in an asylum. He only made one film in his life. He played the lead role in Teenagers from Outer Space under the name “David Love.”

None of this, however, is true.

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