Tom Graeff and David Love in Teenagers from Outer Space
Actor David Love as "Derek"
and Tom Graeff as "Joe Rogers" in
Teenagers from Outer Space

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Ursula Pearson Bellah (1929-2006)

Ursula Pearson BellahUrsula Pearson Bellah passed away in September, 2006, after a brief illness. Ursula played the role of Hilda in Teenagers from Outer Space (billed as Ursula Hansen) and along with her ex-husband Bryan Pearson (Bryan Grant) was instrumental in setting the record straight about how TFOS came to be when they were interviewed by Richard Valley and Jessie Lilley for Scarlet Street magazine. Ursula was the first person who agreed to talk to me about Tom Graeff and I was fortunate enough to spend two captivating afternoons interviewing her in her home in Oxnard, California. She was a wonderful, generous, and vibrant person who will be sorely missed. Ursula was also the author of a memoir of her time growing up in Nazi Germany, Surviving the Judas Factor (AuthorHouse, 2003). For more information, please visit the Wikipedia article devoted to Ursula.

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